Name: Kat
Age: 17
Birthday: November 1st
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So I drew Ace and decided why not make a gif of his sweet and evil side.

Oh wow! :D I didn't know that you liked the GazettE!! *squeals*

Lol I love The Gazette~!

That’s right, I love you guys~ :3

Ok, I’m done playing Fear 2 for today…

First I was all like “Yaaaay Fear!”

Then when I started playing and Alma scared me when I turned around and I was all like…

Then I calmed down and said “It’s cool it’s just that crazy chick I’m fine.”

Then when I was walking around I died a few times (of course.) so I was all like…

Then Alma being the bitch she is came and scared me AGAIN! Then I was like…

So I was just about to call it quits but then I walked into another room in this huge f***ing hospital and saw a bloody naked guy crawling on the windows and I was like…

So now I’m sitting in my room on tumblr reblogging kittens

I found the Izaya x Shizuo gif of a lifetime! xD


So I woke up today to my little brother pounding on my door and I was all like…

Then he said “Dad wants to know if you want to go to his house this weekend.” And I was all like…

He looked at me like I was crazy then left. I proceeded to the kitchen to get my self a bowl of cocopuffs to learn we didn’t have any and then I was like…

My day was just NOT starting off right. So then I thought to myself…

So that was my LOVELY morning.

I’ll post one gif each time I get a new follower till I hit my next 100. What do you guys say? xD

Open your gif folder and take this chalange

gif 16: how you feel today

gif 3: you’re reaction to someone saying they hate Kpop

gif 21: How people react to your smile.

gif 12: what will happen to you today.

gif 34: How you react to your bai speaking english

gif 7: Your friends reaction to a kpop mv you show them.

I added a gifs link! Check it out. :)

(I’m not claiming these gifs I just thought I’d share them with you. ^^ )